margot robbie starting 2017 in style

Interestingly Robbie always has something going on for her. The star recently returned from her secret wedding and immediately got on set to commence the shooting of her new film” I Tonya”. Clearly she did not take a break and she seems fully occupied to give the best as Tonya Harding.

Distinctively the gold wedding ring adorned on her finger in images, indicates she’s now officially Tom Acklery’s wife, despite their wedding being a private affair. Officially Margot graced the 2017 Marie Claire awards not only as a newlywed but also in honor of her makeup artist Pati Dubroff making this her first appearance.

Despite all this, she is entirely focused and dedicated to produce the new film as she is seen in Atlanta Georgia on set filming .She also attended the films cast party accompanied by her husband Tom Ackalery depicting how much commitment she’s channeling to the film.

Clearly her skating skills are undisputed as she looks unrecognizable in her latest project. the actress is totally focused to deliver an iconic film and it’s not debatable that her new husband and” I Tonya” are what’s up for Margot Robbie.

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