Rihanna sent Beyonce Congratulatory message..after years of bad rumors!!!

Rumors were already there that Rihanna, 28, does not really get along with Beyonce, 35. The huge fan bases of each of them had fight it out on social media which made a distasteful touch overall. All rumors were of Rihanna and Jay Z which were later told as a made up story by Rihanna’s publicist.These rumors were enough to be speculated by many that there has been a ill feeling swirling between Beyonce and Rihanna for years now.

But surprisingly, Rihanna wrote a beautiful and sweet message on instagram by congratulating Beyonce who is expecting twins very soon. She reposted Beyonce’s gorgeous maternity photo and wrote that she is very excited about the pregnancy news of Beyonce and further congratulated Beyonce and Jay Z by referring to him as her “Big Brother”.

Even the fans all over the world showered the couple with lots of lovely wishes and Rihanna, surely, have shown her maturity by her beautiful message to them. We are almost sure that Beyonce must be loving those kind words by Rihanna and her fans.

Fans just hope all goes down well after this. Do they really put their past behind them? Time will answer.

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